Mission and Objective

Introduction of the Institute with the mission Statement and Objective.

Mission :- In order to keep pace with the modernization and to solve the problem of unemployment among the unemployed rural youths, This I.T.I feels a strong need to run Technical Institute in rural area of Himachal Pradesh. The Technical education and Training in India aims at developing skilled man power through diversified courses to meet the requirements of the industries and to prepare the youths  for employment.

History of the institute, its Logo.

Pranjli Technical Institute was established in the year 2009.at Vill.Patta P.O.Naswal.Teh.Ghumarwin.Distt Bilaspur. at a distance of 200 mtr from the N.H- 88 Shimla-Pathankot Road.It was recognized by the Govt of H.P vide letter No.STV(IT)HF(7)2 ITCs2009(pvt) I8519-18620dated 26-06-2009 N.C.V.T Directorate General of Employment and Training Ministry of Labour Govt OF India New Delhi affiliated vide letter No.DGET- 6/8/33/2009-Tc New(Pvt).

Managing Society/Trust/Company etc.

Name of the  Society/Trust/Company etc. Pranjli  Educational  Society.
Registration Number and its validity 279/06,
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Name (s) of the Chairman and Members.

Name & Designation Father’s Name Address Mobile No Whether member                      of any other Society/
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1 2 3 4 5 6
Sh.Harish Kumar Uppal /Chairman Sh.Satpal Uppal Indira Market Ghumarwin
Teh.Ghumarwin.Distt.   Bilaspur.H.P.
9816000097 No Nil
Sh.Satpal Uppal –Vice Chairman Sh.Babu Ram               -Do- 9857098634    
Sh. Rajnish Mahajan /Managing Director Sh.Nand Lal Vili.Patta.P.O.Naswal.Teh Ghumarwin. Distt. Bilaspur.H.P. 9816184154    
Smt.Sunita Kumari/ Secretary/Cashier. Sh.Kanshi Ram Indira Market Ghumarwin
Teh.Ghumarwin.Distt.   Bilaspur.H.P.
Smt.Suman Kumari/ Executive Member Sh.Jugat Pal Indira Market Ghumarwin
Teh.Ghumarwin.Distt Bilaspur.H.P.
Sh.Rakesh Uppa./
Executive Member
Sh.Tilak Raj Old Bus Stand Ghumarwin
Teh.Ghumarwin.Distt.   Bilaspur.H.P.
Sh.Rajesh Uppal./ Executive Member Sh.Satpal Uppal Indira Market Ghumarwin
Teh.Ghumarwin.Distt.   Bilaspur.H.P.